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Brian Reed, Old School Stationers's Studio

Old School Stationers is a Portland-based letterpress company owned by the artist Brian Reed. Operating out of the basement of a former Model T car factory, Brian creates designs inspired by a myriad of Northwest influences – nature photography, nostalgic Americana, Victorian industrial equipment, and even Brian’s own childhood camping trips on the Olympic Peninsula.

Brian has been producing unique letterpress art since 2004, utilizing three distinct letterpress machines. Each is more than fifty years old:

The Big Bruiser: 12” x 18” Chandler and Price Press (1917)
This 12” x 18” press packs 1400 pounds of crunch.

 Victorian Hazel: 10” x 15” Chandler and Price Press (1890).
A press that allows greater precision and detail.

 The Red Baron: 10” x 15” Heidelberg Windmill (1965)
A rampaging, steampunk robot of a press.

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